My name is Dmitri Plechtchev.

I live in Denmark, EU. I am a sculptor and fine art teacher. I am also a member of The Danish Sculptors Society. I am a pipe-smoking enthusiast and in my spare time I make pipe tampers since 2008.

My tampers are completely hand-made and adourned by various exotic materials: bone, horn, different types of ivory, fossils, deer and elk antler, exotic hardwoods, aramith, cumberland and many others.

Please note that I only work with legal fossilized mammoth ivory.

I am pleased to participate in various exhibitions and shows dedicated tobacco pipe smokig. Now my works are sold in specialty stores around the world.

 I can design and carve tampers from a variety of different materials and make them on a special order basis.

 Feel free to contact me: zapzap@live.dk

 I accept PayPal. My PayPal address: plechtchev@gmail.com